The Hyvel is a Military Aircraft seen in Gangstar Vegas. It is one of the Most expensive Vehicles that doesn't require Diamonds or VIP. It costs a Hefty 7,000,000 to buy and a large 1,120,000 to Deliver one.

The Hyvel Is Mainly Based On Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor. 


The Hyvel is not just a Fighter, as it is a VTOL. In the top Right, the Player may Switch between Hover and Flight mode. In Hover mode it acts as a Helicopter And is very useful on Landings. The Fighter jet is Very maneuverable Compared to other aircraft and can travel at A top speed of 117 kmp which is Extremely Slow for a Fighter aircraft which is Under 85 mph, this may be due to the fact it is a VTOL, though the aircraft it is based on, the F-35 Lightning II, Can break the Sound Barrier, Even the Police Peccary is Faster Than the Hyvel.


Forwhat it Lacks in Speed, the Hyvel Makes up for in Combat as it has unlimited Rockets that Fire 1.5 Per Second slightly Faster than Military Helicopters and Much faster than Tank and Rocket Vehicles. The Hyvel also has Almost Godly strength able to survive Nose first Crashes into the ground at full speed.


  • The Word "Hyvel" is Swedish and simply means Plane. This May also mean The Aircraft was designed by a Swedish Company like Saab Gripen and sold to the USAF.
  • It Its The Fastest Airplane In Gangstar Vegas.
  • This Is Expensive Vehicle In Gangstar Vegas, Costing 7 Million, Others Are Dead Fighter, Hypno Ox, Delusion 500, Gallopino, Bustard, Police Chopper, Fruitfly-132, Jackalope, Thornback & Level 3 Störer.
  • It Its The Expensive Delivery Price Vehicle, Costing 1.1 Million, Being Expensive Its Own Deluxe Variant.
  • The Hyvel & Its Deluxe Variant, Hyvel Deluxe Are The VTOL Fighter Jets In Gangstar Series.
  • The Hydra & P996-Lazer, Another VTOL Fighter Jets From GTA Series, Has Same Design As Hyvel, Coincidentally, They Are Based On Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor/F-35 Lighting II.
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