Ichi Fujiwara
Name: Ichi Fujiwara
Aliases: Fuji-san
Appearance(s): Gangstar: West Coast Hustle
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Business: The Yakuza
Weapons dealing
Allies: Pedro
James Woolsey
The Yakuza
Enemies: Paolo Francone
Italian Mafia

Ichi Fujiwara, also known as Fujiwara-san or Fuji-san, is a Japanese Mob boss appearing in Gangstar: West Coast Hustle.


Fujiwara is the leader of the Yakuza in Los Angeles. He and his gang have taken over Chinatown from the Triads who wanted to expand their territory into the Yakuza area. He and Paulie also have a rivalry about which gang rules the docks.

Events of Gangstar: West Coast Hustle

After Juan's death, L.C. tells Pedro that he will have to join one of the gangs at the docks. Pedro can choose between the Yakuza and the Italian Mafia. If he joins the Yakuza, he meets Ichi Fujiwara who gives him several missions which include killing some Mafiosi, stealing an ambulance and luring the cops to the Mafia hideout at the port. In return, he promises Pedro to find out who was Juan's murderer. During some of these missions, Pedro has to work with Akira, one of Fujiwara's men.

If Pedro joins the Yakuza, Fujiwara will order him to defend the ship at the port from attacking Mafiosi, while you have to attack it when you join the Mafia. After this job, Fujiwara tells Pedro that he will find out more about Juan's murderer in Downtown L.A.. After this, the Yakuza missions are over and Pedro doesn't meet Fujiwara again.

Fujiwara also deals with weapons. This is shown when Pedro had to take a picture of a deal between him and antagonist James Woolsey earlier in the story when Juan was still alive.

If you complete the Yakuza missions, the Yakuza will be the more dominant than the Mafia. The opposite happens when Pedro works for Paulie. However, players mostly decide to join the Mafia because Paulie's missions include more action than Fujiwara's jobs.

After luring the cops to the Mafia hideout, Paulie will appear behind them and run away without being noticed. If you have successfully attacked the ship for Paulie, Fujiwara will be ruined.


Ichi Fujiwara appears to be a very dominant man. When Pedro joins him to receive a mission, there are often two or three Yakuza man bowing before him. Pedro also calls him "Fujiwara-san", which shows that he has respect for him (even though he sometimes refers to him as "Fuji"). However, Fujiwara also respects Pedro because he always says "Pedro-san" instead of "P."

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