Name: Jackalope
Appearance(s): Gangstar Vegas
Vehicle type: Shooting Vehicle

The Jackalope is a "Shooting Vehicle" available in Gangstar Vegas.


It is a Medium tank with 4 wheels and a standard cannon. It can drive a top speed of 112 km/h, or 65 mph.

In-game the price is 1,142,000. The Jackalope is based on the real-life Cadillac Cage Commando V-100.

This tank, due to being a heavy vehicle, can crush other vehicles by running over them.

You need to be at least golden VIP in order to buy it as the current version. But if a player that has no VIP purchased it before the update that added VIP and stuff, they retain the use of the tank


  • The Jackalope Is The Strongest Vehicle In Gangstar Series, Others Are Ankylosaur, Tenderizer & Ballistae (The Ballistae Seen Crushing Police Cars In Intro Scene Of A Gangstar Vegas Mission "Busting Through"). Being The Only Vehicles In Gangstar Series That Can Crush Vehicles.
  • The Ankylosaur. & Jackalope Are The Wheeled Tanks In Gangstar Series, Coincidentally, Both Are Based On Cadillac Cage Commando V-100.

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