James Woolsey
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Aliases: James


Appearance(s): Gangstar: West Coast Hustle
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
Business: Politics

Weapon Dealing

Allies: Elenita
Leatherskin Butcher
Alexis (lover)
El Toro
Ichi Fujiwara
Enemies: Pedro
Jimmy Duck

Senator James Woolsey is a politician who appears as a central antagonist in Gangstar: West Coast Hustle. He is the game's final boss.


Woolsey is a senator and a candidate for the new mayor of Los Angeles. He is a friend of Elenita and has got a relationship with the supermodel Alexis. When Pedro hears that Elenita has a friend who is a senator, he can't wait to meet him because he thinks that Woolsey could have some information about Juan's murderer.

Close to the end of the game, Pedro meets Woolsey "officially", even though he had to drive him and Alexis around the city for Leatherskin Butcher before. Woolsey wants Pedro to do some missions for him, which include taking pictures of his enemies to ruin them.

Later, Woolsey wants Pedro to kill a rival candidate for the mayor of L.A.. He sends Pedro to the roof terrace of a house where El Toro is waiting for him to ambush him, revealing it was him who orchestrated the attack that resulted in Juan's death. After Pedro has killed his former boss, he realizes that Woolsey was in league with Toro and led Pedro into the trap. Furious, Pedro phones Elenita to find out where Woolsey went. Elenita tells him that he is at the city hall. Pedro drives there. He has a short phone call with L.C., who wants to warn him that Woolsey is dangerous, but Pedro doesn't care. He points his weapon at Woolsey who is coming out of the building. Woolsey initially tries to reason with Pedro, telling him not to take anything personally. After realizing that Pedro is hell-bent on killing him, Woolsey panics. He and his bodyguards run off to their car and drive away. Pedro enters a nearby car to chase them. After a while, Woolseys car stops at the graveyard. Now, there are a lot of men coming at Pedro, including corrupt police officers, but he wipes them all out. With no one left to protect him and nowhere left to run, Woolsey is forced to face Pedro by himself. This leads to the final duel between the two men, which ends with Pedro eventually gaining the upper hand and killing the senator. Then, he leaves the graveyard.

It isn't clearly revealed why Woolsey betrayed Pedro to El Toro. Most likely, Woolsey was hoping that Toro would use his influence in the criminal underworld of Los Angeles to help him in his mayoral campaign. Knowing Toro was keen to kill Pedro, he may have set the trap for Pedro in order to gain Toro's approval.

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