Jason Malone
Name: Jason Malone
Appearance(s): Gangstar Vegas
Gender: Male
Status: Determined
Business: Mixed martial arts fighter
Malone crime family (possible)
Montello Mafia
Family: Unnamed brother
Paul O'Riley (cousin)
Allies: E-Man
Unnamed brother
Paul O'Riley
Karen Olsen
Vera Montello
Racer Girl
Enemies: Frank Veliano
Winston Goodman
Benny (formerly)

Jason Malone is the main protagonist in Gangstar Vegas. Jason was voiced by Sean Schemmel, better known as the voice actor of Goku in the Dragon Ball Series.


Jason is a former bouncer at a Las Vegas Club. He was given the opportunity to train and subsequently become a specialized mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, by Frank Veliano. Jason previously lived in the east coast city of Boston, from the United States, where he used to be involved in criminal activities alongside his brother and heist crew. Incidentally, when he lost his brother in a shootout, Jason chose to leave all this behind, and move to Las Vegas, where he decided to start a new life.

He has a cousin named Paul O'Riley, who is an old friend of Vera Montello's, but is not seen in the game. Throughout the gameplay, Jason is frequently referred to as "The Kid".

After arriving at Vegas, Jason comes closer than ever to becoming a boxing Star, but is however interrupted by the Mafia Don, Frank Veliano himself, which comes as a hard blow for "The Kid". But true champs always get back up, even in the most desperate situations.


Gangstar Vegas

Upon his arrival in Vegas, Jason meets Frank Veliano, the most powerful mobster in town and owns almost every business in the city, save for the press. Veliano wants him to fight in a ring and take a dive in the fourth round,because he wants Jason to be part of his system. To intimidate him, he shoots a man who had betrayed him right in front of Jason's eyes.

However, in the third round, before Jason is supposed to take his dive, Pietro Holston, his opponent (who later turns out to be bribed by Vera), goes down, and Jason has to escape from Frank's henchmen. During the chase he makes a phone call to Montello and asks for help. At the strip, his car is rammed by one of Frank's henchmen, but Montello's accountant Karen Olsen, who later develops a love interest towards Jason, runs over the henchman, killing him. They are cornered in the canyon, but jump onto the waters nearby and swam to safety.

Jason meets Montello, who knocked out 2 cops nearby,who were guarding a ballista. They are forced to escape in the truck. After all the chaos, they return to Montello's strip club, Fire and Vice. They meet a friend known as "E-Man" (Eric) and start working against Frank in order to be able to stop him. However, at some point ,later on, Frank, his right-hand man Benny and their henchmen attack Vera's strip club and capture Jason, forcing him to work for them. Jason then has to do a couple of jobs for Veliano and Benny as well as their ally, mayoral candidate Reverend Winston Goodman. After Benny captures Karen in order to blackmail Vera, Jason meets up with E-Man and Vera in order to get Karen back from Veliano. They have some preparation, such as breaking into the military base to steal some reconnaissance devices. After some time, they free Karen and escape, but there are too many mobsters following them, so Vera sacrifices herself so that the others can escape.

Jason now has to work with Karen since she has found out that Frank killed her father, which makes her keen on killing Veliano. Benny is arrested and Frank intends to kill him, but Karon convinces Jason to rescue him. Benny then joins the gang and provides incriminating photos of Winston Goodman. Jason and his friends manage to corner Goodman and force him to expose Frank to the authorities. 

As a result, Veliano tries to flee with his money on a helicopter, but Jason, Benny, and Karen fight off the guards before Jason insists on going alone, with a helicopter. He finally manages to kill Frank Veliano by setting him on fire with a cigarette lighter, which causes Frank to fall off the building to his death as Jason parachutes onto Karen's Störer.

Outside the main story missions, Jason can participate in side-missions, such as participating in races organized by Racer Girl, causing mayhem around town with local DJ Roni Q. He can also participate in fistfights.

In the UFO Sighting software update, Jason and E-Man investigate the latter's delivery boy's sudden disappearance.

In the update Devil's Due, Jason meets the Devil at Fowl Casino. The Devil reveals that Jason's brother, who had been killed by a shotgun wound, was shot the in the same way a year before his death. Jason "sold [his] soul" to the Devil for his brother to live, only to die "in the same exact goddamn way". In an attempt to not have his soul to be taken, he works with the Devil to reclaim souls at her demand.


  • Like most other protagonists in the series, Jason acts ironically and makes sarcastic comments regarding the current situation. When he drives into pedestrians, he is seen saying things like:
  • "Sorry!" (ironically)
  • "Jaywalking kills!"
  • "I didn't see you there!"
  • "Oops."
  • "That must've hurt!"
  • "My bad." (sarcastically)
  • "Totally my fault." (Sarcastically)
  • "Watch where you're walikng!"
  • "Send me the bill". (Sarcastically referring to the hospital bill)
  • "Sorry about that."
  • "Ooohhh!" (after having driven into a lot of pedestrians at a high speed)


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