Name: Jenna
Appearance(s): Gangstar Rio: City of Saints (mentioned)
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
Family: Narco (boyfriend)
Allies: Narco
Jaime Davo

Jenna is a character mentioned in Gangstar Rio: City of Saints.

Gangstar Rio

Jenna doesn't make an appearance in the game. She's first mentioned when her boyfriend Narco is shot down and tells Angel to tell Jenna that he loves her.

After Narco's death, Marcelo forgot to have him replaced at the meth lab, so that a lot of meth was stolen and sold by intruders from eneny gangs. Angel and Fumo steal the meth money back and give it to Jenna.

After some time has passed, Marcelo finds out that Jenna has an affair with Jaime Davo and two of his friends. Marcelo says it's unacceptable if Syndicate men sleep with the girl of a fallen Assassino. He sends Angel to the Syndicate's favela, where Jaime and his friends are hanging out. All three of them are sniped by Angel. It is unknown what happens to Jenna afterwards.

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