Junk in the trunk
Name: Junk in the trunk
Game: Gangstar Rio: City of Saints
Mission Giver: Larissa Santos
Location: Larissa's house, Gamboa
Target(s): Chase and kill Orlan
Drive Orlan's car back to Larissa
Reward(s): 750R$

20R$+Pistol(when you kill Orlan)

Conditions of mission failure: Angel's death
Destroying Orlan's car
Unlocks: Escort service for Larissa
Unlocked by: Level up respect after the job Sex Drive

Junk in the trunk is a mission in Gangstar Rio: City of Saints and the 2nd job mission, given by Larissa Santos to Angel Nascimento.


Larissa tells Angel that a man called Orlan from the Disciples has evidence in his car about the car bomb. Angel drives into town and he finds Orlan, who tries to escape in his car. Angel chased him. After he has caught Orlan he takes Orlan's car, kills him and drives back to Larissa's house. Larissa tells him that the evidence in Orlan's car is a detonator and apparently someone watched the scene between Angel (then Raul) and Ana and made the car explode remotely.


(Angel enters Larissa's house. Larissa is sitting on a chair and notices him. She comes towards him.)

Larissa Santos: How are things going with the Assassinos?

Angel Nascimento: So far, no one recognizes me.

Larissa (sits down again): You're such a different person now...

Angel: You called me, Larissa. What do you want?

Larissa: I've got a lead on some information. One of the Disciples, Orlan, has this evidence he's trying to sell. It's something to do with the explosion.

Angel: Since I'm the new guy in town, it wouldn't make sense for me to make an offer. Might look suspicious.

Larissa: It's in his car. Take him out then bring the car back here.

(Angel finds Orlan, who gets in his car to drive away. Angel chases Orlan, takes his car and kills him. He drives the car back to Larissa's place.)

(Angel is standing in Larissa's house again holding a detonator in his hands. Larissa is looking over his shoulder.)

Angel: It's a detonator.

Larissa: The car wasn't wired to blow up during ignition. Someone set off the explosion remotedly.

Angel: Someone was there. Watching.

Larissa: We just need to find out who was in the area that day. You'll get your revenge and...

Angel: Yeah. Keep me posted.


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