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Gangstar Vegas

Kearsarge LS
Kearsarge (GNO)
Name: Kearsarge LS
Kearsarge (GNO)
Appearance(s): Gangstar Vegas
Gangstar: New Orleans
Vehicle type: 4-door sedan (GV)
2-door coupe (GNO)
Capacity: 4 people

The Kearsarge LS is a 4-door muscle car appearing in Gangstar Vegas and Gangstar New Orleans, the performances are good for a 4-door muscle car ( the acceleration is good,the handling is average and the top speed is good ).


Gangstar New Orleans

Kearsarge LS has new model in Gangstar Vegas update 30

Police Variant

The Eunomia is An Police Variant Of Kearsarge LS In Gangstar New Orleans, It Its Owned By New Orleans Police Department.


  • Seen In Rich, Suburban & Downtown Areas.
  • It Appears As An NPC Racer In Many Racing Side Missions.
  • The Kearsarge LS Spawns In A Mission "I Am Interrupting" Where Veliano Henchmen Being Driven It.
  • The Police Version Spawns In A Police Stations & In A Street When Player Reaches An Any Wanted Level (Gangstar New Orleans Only).


  • The Design Is Seems To Be Based On Modern American Muscle Cars, Including 2009 Dodge Charger, 2011 5th Generation Chevrolet Camaro, & 2015 Ford Mustang.
  • It Appears As An Four-Door Sedan In Gangstar Vegas & Two-door Muscle Car In Gangstar New Orleans.
  • The Kearsarge LS Received An New Model In A Update 30, Like HXR 770, Box ES, Thornback, Galloppino & Dash Cup Series.
  • The Eunomia Is An Police Version Of Kearsarge LS In Gangstar New Orleans Instead Of W5-GSTR One.
  • It Shares The Engine Sound as Whiptail 426, Kiger SS, Dust Hog, Bluejay & St. Paddy's Wheels. It Has An Sound of An Muscle Car.
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