"People throw money at me and call me disgusting names while I take my clothes off. I know all about hate. I know how hard it is to be trusting."
―Larissa Santos
Larissa Santos
Larissa Santos
Name: Larissa Santos
Appearance(s): Gangstar Rio: City of Saints
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
Business: stripping
Allies: Angel
Enemies: Ana
The Syndicate

Larissa Santos is a character and a secondary protagonist appearing in Gangstar Rio: City of Saints.


Larissa apparently comes from Sao Paulo, which she left because she had debts (according to Gabriel Alvarez). She came to Rio de Janeiro hoping to make it as a supermodel, but that didn't work, and now she works as a stripper in a club called "Le Ball Cat" and lives in an old apartment in Gamboa, near the Syndicate headquarters.

Events of Gangstar Rio

Larissa first appears when Raul wakes up in her apartment two months after the explosion of his car. She offers to help him get his revenge, and she suggests him to adopt a new name, which Raul chooses to be Angel.

During the game, Larissa frequently comes up with information she got at the strip club, so that Angel learns more and more about the car bomb. She also introduces him to Pilar, who gives him some side-missions. Angel first has to save her when members of the Syndicate Is Attempting to Kill her at the stadium.

After Larissa hasn't been giving a mission for a while, she gives him new informations concerning the corpse which was meant to be Ana's, but turns out to be another woman's corpse, which means that Ana is still alive. She tells him to get a video tape on which he can hear Ana and Marcelo talking about what they've done, so that Angel learns that Marcelo blew up the car and Ana murdered Andreas.

It is also Larissa who tells Raul that Marcelo is holding a war council concerning the video tape against Angel, who goes and kills Marcelo during his speech. After that he is elected leader of the Assassinos, but Larissa is kidnapped by Ana and brought to the airport. Angel and Fumo go inside the airport area with an Assassinos tank. After they had to kill some Syndicate men (who were surprisingly present), they find Ana holding Larissa. They kill Ana's elite killers and capture Ana. Angel frees Larissa, who has been tied to a chair, and then he executes his former girlfriend with a gun.

It is unknown what happens to Larissa at the end of the game. It is possible that she becomes Angel's girlfriend, but anyway she'lll probably keep on working at the strip club.



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