Las Vegas
Las Vegas
Name: Las Vegas
Appearance(s): Gangstar Vegas
Mayor: Unknown
No. of residences: 596,424
State: Nevada

Las Vegas is the setting for Gangstar Vegas. It is the largest city in Nevada and is located within the desert.

There are three city districts in Las Vegas: North Vegas, South Vegas, and Old Town. Vegas is surrounded by the Nevada desert which contains two districts: Boogie's Valley and Fletcher's Peak. Due to its geographic location, palm trees grow everywhere.

The Strip, located in North Vegas and lined with casinos and hotels, is home to some real-life icons such as the Paris Las Vegas, and the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign. The City of Saints Casino (Frank's home base), mentioned to be the "hottest casino on the Strip" is one of the major locations in game. Vegas Airport is located in the northernmost part of North Vegas.

South Vegas holds the City Hall and courthouse. The southernmost part of the district is filled with waterside villas and marinas. Many docks are located at around the water and the player can often find Tobikos, Megapteras, and Sea-Rides spawning there.

Old Town is the suburban residential district of the city. Vera's home turf, the Fire and Vice strip club is located in the northern part of this district. There are many in-game references to the gang violence in this area.

The desert is split into Fletcher's Peak in the northern side and Boogie's Valley on the southern side. The Über Dam is the biggest landmark of Fletcher's Peak. The military base is in Boogie's Valley, the only place where Jackalopes and Bustards (tanks and military helicopters) spawn naturally, though trespassing the property will result in an instant five-star Wanted Level with the might of the US military and police engaged in a fight-to-the-death with Jason.

Known Residents

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