Learning the basics
Name: Learning the basics
Game: Gangstar Rio: City of Saints
Mission Giver: Andreas
Location: Urca
Target(s): Drive to Andreas's yacht
Unlocks: Cash flow for Andreas
Unlocked by: N/N


Learning the basics is the 1st mission in Gangstar Rio: City of Saints where the player is introduced to the game basics and to Raul. Andreas calls Raul and asks him to drive to his yacht. Raul takes his white Laüfer car and drives to Andreas's yacht.


(Raul, the protagonist, drives through Rio de Janeiro in his white Läufer convertible. The game logo appears)

(Raul enters his house where his girlfriend Ana is waiting for him.)

Raul: Qualé, baby?

(He drops his keys and his cell phone on the table. They kiss. After a while, Raul's phone rings. Ana takes it to see who is "disturbing")

Ana: It's Andreas.

(Raul doesn't want to answer and keeps on kissing Ana. She pushes him.)

Ana: Don't fuck with the boss.

(Raul takes the phone and answers it.)

Raul (into the phone): Hello? Yeah, Andreas, I... No, sure, that's fine. I'll be right there.

(Raul gets in his car and drives to Andreas's yacht where he gets out.)

(He faces the ship.)

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