Leatherskin Butcher
Name: Leatherskin Butcher
Aliases: Abuelita
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
Family: Levon Ames (son)
Allies: Pedro
Levon Ames
Enemies: James Woolsey
"I am THE BOSS, you idiotas! They call me Leatherskin Butcher, hee hee hee!"
―Leatherskin Butcher to Pedro and Juan

Leatherskin Butcher, also known as Abuelita (Spanish for granny), is a Drug Baron who appears in Gangstar: West Coast Hustle. She is an elder lady, around 70 years old, but she has a way with words.


Pedro and Juan first meet Abuelita in a Mission given to them by T-Diller. She steals the Drugs they have taken with them and makes them follow her into a maze. The photo added in this article is taken from that scene.

After T-Diller's death, Pedro and Juan drive to Abuelita. She calls them "Mocosos". The missions she gives to them are quite boring. They mostly have to drive home some models in a Limousine. Abuelita also dislikes the antagonist James Woolsey and has some photos taken from his illegal businesses by Pedro. She also has a son who is a basketball player and is called Levon Ames.

The background of the name "Leatherskin Butcher" is not revealed in the game. However, Juan says that from his point of view, "Leatherskin" comes from her skin, which looks like leather because she's old. Juan also says that "Butcher" comes from the amount of people who have been killed by this woman.

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