Levon Ames
Name: Levon Ames
Aliases: "The Tower"
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Family: Leatherskin Butcher (mother)
Allies: Pedro
Leatherskin Butcher
Enemies: Nkobi Flyman

Levon Ames, also called "The Tower", is a basketball player appearing in Gangstar: West Coast Hustle. He is the son of Leatherskin Butcher.


Levon Ames is introduced to Pedro and Juan by his mother. The player learns that Ames plays for the Basketball Team "Beverly Bangers". He wants Pedro and Juan to kidnap his enemy Nkobi Flyman, the star player of the rival team. Other missions include robbing a Bank with him or killing some Paparazzi who caught him talking to Pedro.

Pedro and Juan don't like him very much because they see that he is only interested in getting rich and uses them to get rid of all his problems. When he wants to rob another Bank with them, Pedro shouts: "No!". He and Juan leave and Ames isn't seen in the game again.

The name "Levon Ames" is an obvious parody of NBA-player LeBron James (Miami Heat).

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