Limited Hurlbat
Name: Limited Hurlbat
Appearance(s): Gangstar Vegas
Vehicle type: superbike
Capacity: 1 people

The Limited Hurlbat is an Limited Deluxe Edition variant of Hurlbat, only appears in Gangstar Vegas.


The Limited Hurlbat is an superbike & limited deluxe variant of Hurlbat, both are based on a Dodge Tomahawk.


  • Can't purchased in a shop (it's an exclusive bike).


  • This is second deluxe bike in Gangstar Vegas, after HXR-770 Deluxe.
  • Like Hurlbat, it has an Hybrid Bike Engine Sound while idling & accelerated.
  • The Hurlbat' & Limited Hurlbat are the only vehicles based on a Dodge Tomahawk.
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