This description fits Urban Crime and Gangstar: Miami Vindication.

Police Officers are people who are found mainly in the urban areas of the map. They are provoked-only enemies triggered if you aim at them with a gun, punch them or hit them with a car, but sometimes on missions, they automatically get provoked as part of the level. Gangsters who assign you missions often refer to them as the "bacon" or "pigs", due to the fact that they're gangsters.


There are two different designed police officers. One is a bit plump in size, wears shades, has a brown mustache and has his sleeves rolled up in standard police uniform. The other is skinnier, does not wear any eyewear, but has the same uniform as his counterpart, along with rolled up sleeves. Both have the same AI though.


Police Officers walk around like Chumps and passive Gangsters, but when the player aims a gun or punches them, they are provoked and will run forward to arrest you, also increasing your wanted level to 1. They will attack you by beating you until you fall to the ground. If you manage to kill an officer or get your wanted level above 1, they will begin trying to shoot you dead with a Handgun.  As you get more wanted, tougher allies of theirs (FBI Officer and SWAT Officer) will assist to kill you. They will not go after you if your wanted level is zero. Sometimes when you are wanted dead, if you're in friendly territory, there may be a chance of a few gangsters who will wish to help you kill them. Vice versa if you're in enemy territory. Like all characters (besides the character) they drown in water.

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