Monique Jones
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Appearance(s): Gangstar: Miami Vindication
Gender: Female
Status: Player's choice
Business: Music producer
Allies: Jones' gang
Enemies: Herman Kaye

Monique Jones is a character in Gangstar series who appeared as a quinary antagonist in Gangstar: Miami Vindication.



Jones used to work for Herman Kaye, but then left him to go out on her own. Since then, Kaye hates her and has a lot of odd-jobs done against her by Johnny.

Miami Vindication

Monique Jones is first mentioned when Herman Kaye sends Johnny on a job which included destroying a van with speakers.

Betty took some photos if her.

After Roscoe's arresting and the deaths of both Kaye and Victor Vega, Jones' men spy on Johnny by the swamp. Johnny then decides to steal her limo and 'take her for a little ride'.

Johnny picks Jones, whom is accompanied by a friend. She requests that Johnny takes them to a resteraunt. When they reach it, her friend exits and Johnny locks the door, trapping her inside.

Monique then says that it was a nice plan of Johnny. After he says his plans to kill her, she says that she has men all around town who could easily kill Joey and Betty, and if he kills her, there's no one to stop them from murdering them, and she makes Johnny an offer: He could take her to the airport and let her leave Miami instead of killing her. Johnny has the choice. Either he brings Jones to the airport or he destroys the Limousine, killing her.

Regardless of the player's choice, the ending will be the same.

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