"Angel, I want to be cremated, mixed with cocaine, and snorted."
―Narco's last words
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Appearance(s): Gangstar Rio: City of Saints
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
Business: Drug dealing
Family: Jenna (girlfriend or wife)
Allies: Angel
Enemies: The Syndicate
the Disciples

Narco is a character featured in Gangstar Rio: City of Saints. He was voiced by Philip Michael Thomas.


Narco is a member of the Assassinos gang, he is at the meth lab of the Assasinos and he guards it. His real name is not Narco, as hinted a conversation with Raul. The nickname probably comes from Narcotics, to which he is addicted. He is also a drug dealer and produces the drugs in his lab.

Events of City of Saints

Raul meets Narco after getting back into the gang as Angel. His first mission includes a drive-by against a member of the Disciples called Fulo. After that, Narco gives Angel some other jobs which mostly include drug business. Narco is also friends with Fumo. After some time, Fumo says that the police need some angel dust from them and he wants Angel to meet with Narco to deliver it. However, Angel and Narco are attacked by the Disciples who try to take the dust from them. Angel and Narco get in a boat trying to escape with the dust; Angel has to hold off the enemies while Narco drives. But eventually, Narco is hit by a bullet and speaks his last words before he dies in Angel's arms. Angel takes the wheel of the boat and delivers the angel dust to Officer Gabriel Alvarez.

After Narco's death, no one has guarded the meth lab and a lot of meth was stolen. Angel and Fumo steal the money back and give it to Narco's widow Jenna. However, Marcelo later finds out that Jenna has an affair with Jaime Davo and two other Syndicate men. So he has Angel kill these three men as he finds it unacceptable if the enemy sleeps with the girlfriend of a fallen Assassino.


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