The New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) is the player's primary adversary in the open-world segments of Gangstar New Orleans. The force is well equipped and constantly patrols the streets of New Orleans, always on the lookout for troublemakers and thugs. Should an officer of the force encounter the player committing an illegal act, they will give chase and call in backup. The New Orleans Police Department makes use of semi-automatic and fully-automatic weapons, high-speed pursuit vehicles, and riot control gear.


Patrol vehicles and lightly armed police officers can be found patrolling the streets of New Orleans at all times. These officers carry with them only a sidearm and are not particularly deadly. They will only engage the player if they witness him committing an illegal act such as shooting a civilian, shooting a vehicle, beating up a civilian, beating up another police officer, killing another police officer, or running over a pedestrian. The officers will only attempt to use deadly force if the player kills an NPC.

Should the player resist arrest, officers will call in backup. The reserve cops drive heavily armored SUVs and carry automatic weapons. Police pursuit vehicles and SWAT teams will join in if the hunt goes long enough. Should the player continue causing mayhem during the course of the hunt, the Louisiana National Gaurd will be called in, who will use lethal force to end the chase.


The New Orleans Police Department makes use of the following vehicles.

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