On a Lion Hunt
Name: On a Lion Hunt
Game: Gangstar: Miami Vindication

On a Lion Hunt is the final Mission of Gangstar: Miami Vindication where Johnny Gainesville confronts Clive Klick.


At the beginning of the Mission, Johnny and L.C. meet on the balcony of their villa. L.C. tells Johnny that he has found out where Clive Klick is hiding: At Fillmore Courts Mall. Johnny and L.C. drive to the Mall. They use the elevator to get up on the roof. Johnny takes a sniper rifle and wants to shoot Klick, but in the moment where Johnny fires, one of Clive's men walks in front of Klick and is killed. Clive sees Johnny and L.C. and runs off to a nearby SWAT-Truck. While he drives off, his men try to stop Johnny and L.C., but the two get into a Läufer. They jump off the rooftop and chase Clive Klick in his Teddy.

Johnny and L.C. chase Clive to the port of Miami. He gets out of his car and enters a nearby boat to escape. Johnny and L.C. don't give up. They find another boat nearby and get into it. They chase Clive through the water. this isn't very easy because Clive goes really fast in his boat. It's quite difficult to keep up with him.

After they have chased him through the swamp, Roscoe's former hideout, Clive stops at the airport. He gets off his boat and runs into the airport zone. Johnny and L.C. also get off the boat and follow him. They have a final stand down with Clive and two of his men and Johnny shoots all three of them. He and L.C. leave.

In the following cutscene, Johnny, Betty, Joey and L.C. are at the airport again where L.C. and Joey are ready to board a plane to Los Angeles. After that, Johnny and Betty walk on the beach and talk about their adventure. Suddenly, a gangster comes. He wants Betty to leave Johnny and go with him, but Johnny knocks him down. He and Betty look at each other and the game ends.

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