Paolo Francone
Name: Paolo Francone
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Allies: Italian Mafia
Enemies: Ichi Fujiwara
The Yakuza

Paolo "Paulie" Francone is an Italian mob boss appearing in Gangstar: West Coast Hustle.


After Juan's death, L.C. advises Pedro to join one of the gangs at the port to find out who killed their friend. Pedro has the choice to join either the Yakuza or the Italian mafia. If he joins the Italians, he meets Paulie who wants to help him with information in return for some Jobs.

Paulie's missions include stealing cars, kidnapping a backstabber etc. The last of those Missions is attacking the cargo ship at the port and getting rid of the Yakuza there.

As Pedro has completed the missions, Paulie joins him in a Limousine and tells him that the murderer is supposed to live downtown. He wishes Pedro luck and disappears.

While Pedro did a mission for Leatherskin Butcher which included driving some models home, one of the girls leaves the Limousine at an Italian Restaurant. Then you can see Paulie coming towards her. This happens before Juan's death, so also before Pedro meets Paulie "officially".


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