Name: Peccary
Appearance(s): Gangstar Vegas
Gangstar: New Orleans
Vehicle type: 4-door sedan
Capacity: 4 people
The Peccary is a 4-door sedan available in Gangstar Vegas and Gangstar: New Orleans. The version found in Vegas is based on a B-Body downsized 1977 Chevrolet Caprice while the New Orleans version is based on a 1980 model Caprice. It handles well but has exceptionally bad brakes as well as a low top speed. The Peccary also has an engine sound more characteristic of a compact rally car than a V8 70's Sedan. Its top speed is 163 Km/h or 101 mph.

Gangstar: New Orleans

The car can be owned and is quite easy to acquire through spirit jars, the game‘s equivalent to “loot crates”. The Peccary is also a civilian NPC vehicle that can be found in every region of the Gangstar New Orleans map. All Peccary vehicles have blocky front and rear bumpers, a wide hood, and a fairly large windshield.

Gangstar Vegas

Civilian Model

The Peccary can spawn anywhere in Las Vegas except in North Vegas and the Strip which most normal cars in the other parts of Vegas spawn but cannot in the rich areas/neighborhoods.

It has four paint jobs that can be chosen, such as Light Bronze Metallic, Blue Metallic, Green Metallic, and Quill Grey.

Like every car in Gangstar Vegas (except limited and special cars) there are 3 levels available, which means that each level from the same vehicle is just the same car but with more paint jobs (such as primary and secondary available on Level 2 and Level 3 vehicles) and better stats (better acceleration, higher top speed, and more resistance).
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Police Variant

There is also a Police Variant by the name of "Guardian" which has police paint jobs as well as lights sirens and slightly increased performance. This car goes 183 km/h which is also 113 mph.

The novelty on the remodeled Guardian (in Update 33) includes a spoiler on the trunk and a darker shade.


The 'Guardian'

The Guardian has a new model in update 33 (image under this text)
Screenshot 20190705 134229

Guardian's new model


  • If you look closely on the C Pillar, you can actually read the manufacturer name who made the Peccary is Malice (which can be a reference to Chevrolet since it does have a french sounding name).
  • The License plate is "EUM-666".
  • It's accurately inspired by the 1977-1990 Chevrolet Caprice, and others B-body cars (which share the same chassis with the Caprice) with minor differences.
  • The default radio playing in the Peccary is always Classic Vibes 101.4
  • The Peccary (in it's Blue Metallic livery) is used by some gangsters in some missions from the main storyline. The Peccary, Mikmaq & W5-GSTR Are Considered As Gang Cars.
  • The W5-GSTR & Mikmaq Are Both Driven By Frank Veliano's Mafia Henchmens, While Dark Blue Peccary Is Also Driven By Street Hoods & Los Huevos Gangs.
  • The Three Other Cars Are Appears As An Police Versions That Spawns On Street When Player Gives An Any Wanted Level.
  • The Three Other Gang Cars Are Featured In Many Main Storyline Missions. 
  • Most pedestrians seen driving it are mostly elders men's or woman's wearing aviators.
  • The Guardian is faster than it's civilian version (Peccary) but it's still slower than it's modern counterparts the Eunomia (The Police Version Of W5-GSTR) and Peltast (The Police Version Of Mikmaq), this car is still useful if you are beginner, it's faster than a Whiptail 426 (ironically being a muscle car supposed to be powerful as a police cruiser like any others sports cars).
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