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Name: Pilar
Appearance(s): Gangstar Rio: City of Saints
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
Business: Stripping
Movie producing (later on)
Allies: Angel
Vilanova (formerly)

Pilar is a minor character and an ally appearing in Gangstar Rio: City of Saints.


Pilar is Larissa's best friend and works with her at the strip club "Le Ball Cat" in Rio de Janeiro. She is the kind of woman who is good at seducing men to get an advantage in her career. At some point, she has seduced Vilanova and so becomes part of his project.

Events of Gangstar Rio

Pilar makes her first appearance in the game when Larissa tells Angel that Pilar may have a job for him. So they go look for Pilar at the strip club where she's being harrassed by some gangsters. After Angel has dealt with them, Pilar offers him to work as a stunt driver for Vilanova. Angel accepts to do this job. During the stunt missions for Vilanova, Pilar makes an appearance at the end of each one of the missions. However, Pilar still sleeps with Vilanova in order not to endanger her career in the movie business. He refers to her as a "low class cadela (slut)" "piranha" and calls her mouth "the Red Ring of Death", which probably means that Pilar is a quite dominant woman.

Later, Pilar finds out that Vilanova has affairs with four girls at the same time behind her back. She has some pictures which prove this situation and on which Angel also sees Councilman Peralta. After having murdered Vilanova and his four girls for Pilar, Angel uses the pictures to discredit Peralta with the help of Jessica Medeiros. After that, Pilar plans to seduce Vilanova's boss in order to get Vilanova's former job. She apparently succeeds in seducing the boss since she gets the job as movie producer. She gives Angel some stunt missions; after these missions, she isn't seen anymore throughout the storyline of the game.

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