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Name: Pistol
Appearance(s): Every Gangstar game
Magazine size: 12 bullets (Single pistol)
24 bullets (Duel weilding)
Weapon type: Pistol
Range: Medium
Weapon damage: Small
Based on: Colt M1911

The pistol is the basic firearm in Gangstar.


This is the very first firearm that the player will get in the games. The pistol is also duel-weilding, and can be used for drive-by in Gangstar: Miami Vindication, Gangstar Rio: City of Saintsand Gangstar Vegas. The pistol is featured in every Gangstar game to date. The pistol has a 12-bullet magazine and based on the famous Colt M1911 and Beretta M9. In Gangstar Vegas it is based on the Glock 17, even though gameloft took it from one of their games, the Schoc 33, a fantasy gun.


The pistol is one of the most common weapons in the series, alongside the Baseball Bat (in later games). The pistol can be found commonly in the hands of many enemies, gangsters and police officers.


  • In Gangstar: Miami Vindication Cover, Johnny wields a Golden Desert Eagle, which is not featured in the game itself.
  • In Gangstar Vegas when you escape from the stadium in the first mission Frank and Benny shoot at you with Desert Eagles, which are not in the game.


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