Prosecutors Will Be Violated
Name: Prosecutors Will Be Violated
Game: Gangstar Rio: City of Saints
Mission Giver: Andreas
Location: Andreas's Yacht, Urca
Target(s): Drive to the Courthouse

Chase(or kill) the driver so he'll leave the car.

scare the Prosecutor by driving badly

Reward(s): 2,000R$(and another optional 210R$ if you kill the prosecutor's driver)
Conditions of mission failure: Angel's death
Unlocks: Sex Drive for Narco
Unlocked by: One last job

"Prosecutors Will Be Violated" is the 5th mission in Gangstar Rio: City of Saints and the 1st mission in Chapter 2, given by Andreas to Raul, who now calls himself Angel.


In this mission Andreas welcomes Angel to the Assassinos (he doesn't realize that it is Raul). He asks him to scare the State Prosecutor so he'll leave Marcelo and drop all the charges against him. Angel drives to the courthouse and gets rid of the prosecutor's driver. Then Angel takes the driver's place and drives very badly to scare the prosecutor. This works and the prosecutor promises to drop the charges against Marcelo.


(Angel is standing in front of Andreas inside the yacht.)

Andreas: Welcome to the Assassinos, new guy. What's your name again?

Angel: Angel.

Andreas: Right, Angel. Time to prove that you've got what it takes to be a part of this organization.

Angel: Who do I have to kill?

Andreas: Nossa! You're a psychopath! Good. No killing, but you do have to put the fear of death into someone.

Angel: I can do that.

Andreas: My right-hand man, Marcelo, is being investigated by a state prosecutor. It's turning into a problem. The prosecutor's over at his courthouse.

Angel: I'll put the fear of God into him.

Andreas: What I expect, from a man named Angel.

(Angel drives to the parking in front of the courthouse where the state prosecuter's W4C is parked. The driver is next to the vehicle.)

(After Angel has gotten rid of the chauffeur, the prosecutor joins him in the car but he recognizes that Angel isn't his usual driver.)

Prosecutor (to Angel): Who the hell are you? Where's my chauffeur?

(After Angel has scared the prosecuter by driving badly, he stops the vehicle.)

Angel (to the prosecutor): Drop the case against Marcelo.

Prosecutor: Fine. It's over. All charges will be dropped. Just let me go!

(The prosecutor gets out of the car and runs away. As Angel is back at the courthouse, he phones Andreas.)

Angel (into the phone): Andreas, it's done.

Andreas (on the phone): Nice. I might have some more work for you later on. Stay in touch.


  • During the car ride where you have to scare the prosecutor, he will say phrases like "Hey, watch it; you're driving like a lunatic!" or "Caralho! You're going to get us killed! let me out!" or also "Lookout! MY God, man, what the fuck do you want?. This only mission with an numerous phrases.


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