Name: Raul
Aliases: Angel
Appearance(s): Gangstar Rio: City of Saints
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Business: Criminal activities
Allies: Assassinos
Ana (formerly)
Larissa Santos
Marcelo (formerly)
Jessica Medeiros
Gianna Magro
Victor Matos
Gabriel Alvarez (formerly)
Enemies: Ana (later on)
Marcelo (later on)
Gabriel Alvarez
Veronica Davo
Councilman Peralta
"I'm a dead man. Call me Angel."

Raul, also known as Angel Nascimento, is the main protagonist of Gangstar Rio: City of Saints.


Raul is a high ranking member of the Assassinos, led by Andreas.

Unlike Johnny Gainesville and Pedro, Raul comes from the city where the game is set and he knows it very well.

Events of City of Saints

Raul and his girlfriend Ana live in a house located near Andreas' yacht. We soon learn that Raul wants to leave the Assassinos to concentrate on his life with Ana and that he has a lot of enemies.

After Ana's "death", he changes his name into Angel Nascimento. He pretends to be new in town and infiltrates the Assassinos to find the murderer. Nobody recognises him because he looks different. During his first missions as Angel, Raul is told by Marcelo that some hitmen killed Andreas in a drive-by.

While he infiltrates the gang, he earns some money by doing jobs for Narco, Marcelo, Vilanova, Gianna Magro and Jessica Medeiros. First, he thinks that one of the rival gangs has killed Ana, but after Victor Matos, the leader of the Disciples, says that he doesn't know who detonated the car bomb, Raul realises that the Disciples can't be behind this.

After some time has passed, Raul finds out that Ana, who is in fact still alive, and Marcelo had planned to take over the Assassinos and therefore killed Andreas and detonated the car bomb.  After he has killed Marcelo, Raul is elected leader of the Assassinos and goes to rescue Larissa, who has been kidnapped by Ana, accompanied by Fumo who brings a tank with him. They use it to rescue Larissa and Ana is finally killed by Raul.


Raul appears to be very loyal to his allies. Like Johnny Gainesville from Gangstar: Miami Vindication, he gets angry when somebody, antagonises him. He appears to be nicer than Pedro from Gangstar: West Coast Hustle because he isn't a cold hitman and because he shows more emotions.



  • In the 2D version of Gangstar Rio: City of Saints, Raul's full name is Raul da Costa Pereira Ramos de Azeredo Trindade. This is revealed in the mission "Beauties and Beasts".
  •  Raul kills Ana in the 2D version in the mission "The End of the Lie", the one before the final mission.
  • This is only protagonist in Gangstar series to have name changed.
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