"Yo, mama. That is a slick piece of machinery."
―Reginald to Betty at his first appearance
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Appearance(s): Gangstar: Miami Vindication
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Business: Making music
Allies: Johnny
Amelia (business partner)
Enemies: Ralf

Reginald is a character featured in Gangstar: Miami Vindication.

Reginald is a porn star, reborn as a blues man. He seems to have a bunch of girls around him, but he gets money off them by selling them to different people. The girls may somewhat be like prostitutes. Reginald also assists Johnny, Albert and Amelia to steal money from the bank. He owns a Homm.


Little is known about Reginald's background. It is told that he was a porn star and got arrested for pimping his sister. After this, he has started a second career as a saxophone player. Despite this, he kept on pimping to make more money.

Events of Gangstar: Miami Vindication

Reginald is mentioned for the first time by Herman Kaye when Johnny asks for some information about his brother. In a mission before, Johnny and Betty have planted cameras throughout the whole city. One of them is located in the slums of Little Haiti, where Reginald hangs out. Johnny and Betty go to Reginald and lure him in their Galloppino. Johnny then drives badly to scare Reginald. After this, Reginald tells Johnny that he heard that Joey Gainesville is being held in an abandoned slaughterhouse. After Johnny has found his brother again, he doesn't hear from Reginald for a while until Amelia tells him to steal a car which coincidentally belongs to Reginald. Reginald stops Johnny and starts to work with Amelia because he realizes that both of them have a lot of inside infos and could set up a business.

After the bank robbery, Reginald offers Johnny a couple of jobs which mostly include "delivering" girls to their clients and sorting things out with Tracy. After the jobs have been completed, it is unknown what happens to Reginald. Probably, he continues making money with the business he runs together with Amelia and Albert.

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