Ride Johnny, Ride
Name: Ride Johnny, Ride
Game: Gangstar: Miami Vindication
Mission Giver: Betty
Location: Betty's place
Target(s): Rescuing Betty from thugs
Escaping the cops
Reward(s): $1.200
Conditions of mission failure: Johnny's death
Destroying Betty's car
Getting caught by the cops
Unlocks: Miami Motor Meltdown for Albert
Unlocked by: Under the Bridge

Ride Johnny, Ride is a mission in Gangstar: Miami Vindication, given by Betty to Johnny Gainesville.


Betty tells Johnny that Roscoe can probably help him to find the right guy to ask about information concerning Joey. She suggests that Johnny should go to Roscoe's place to ask him and to take her Tawny 40o because there's something in the trunk for Roscoe. However, on his way to the swamp, Johnny is phoned by Betty who says that she is in trouble and she needs help. Johnny drives to Bettys location and saves her. Suddenly, a police car appears. Betty tells Johnny not to get caught because there is still the unknown tool in the trunk of Betty's car. After Johnny has lost his wanted level, he drives back to Betty and returns the car to her so she can drive to Roscoe.


(Betty is standing on the terrace of her apartment block. Johnny joins her.)

Betty: Hey Johnny! Any developments with your brother?

Johnny: They didn't deny anything... Figure I just gotta find the right guy to ask.

Betty: Roscoe can probably help you with that. You should go to the junkyard and ask him. He's in a good mood.

Johnny: You won't come with me?

Betty: Some stuff to take care of down south. Oh... if you go there, take my car; there's something in the trunk for him.

(Johnny takes Betty's car. On the way to the swamp, his phone suddenly rings.)

Betty (on the phone): Johnny! I'm in deep shit! Get over here, near the Cheap 'n' Quick on the promenade!

(Johnny drives to Betty's location and kills the gangsters attacking her.)

Johnny (to Betty): You alright?

Betty: I'm okay. I guess...

(Suddenly, a police car approaches.)

Johnny: F**k! The cops!

Betty: You still have that stuff in the trunk, don't you? Step on it, Johnny! You can't get caught!

(After Johnny has lost the cops, he drives back to Betty.)

Betty: Thanks for saving me back there. I owe you one.

Johnny: That's what I'm here for, I guess.

Betty: No, you're here to find your brother.

Johnny: Can't do anything without the other. Anyway, you don't mind if I let you go to your Roscoe-man? I'm gonna grab something to eat.

(Betty gets in the car.)


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