Roberto Bolano
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Aliases: Captien Bolano
Officer Bolano
Appearance(s): Gangstar: Miami Vindication
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
Business: Police Officer
Allies: MPD
Bolano's Corrupt Officers Team
Victor Vega
Vega Gang
Officer Ramirez
Officer Lorca
Enemies: Johnny

Officer Roberto Bolano was a character in Gangstar series who appears as a minor antagonist in Gangstar: Miami Vindication. Bolano is a corrupt police officer that work with Victor Vega. Bolano is also the leader of severel corrupt police officers who work with the Vega Gang.


Early Life

Bolano was born and raised in Miami. When he become older, Bolano joined the MPD and became one of the high ranking officer, at rank of Captien. He met Victor Vega, a Latin gangster, and start to work with him for money. Bolano also met other corrupt officers that also start to work with the Vegas, and protected thier assests.

Miami Vindication

Bolano met with Vega about a deal, unknown that someone taking photos of him and Vega together. Later Johnny stole a Police Car after killing some Vegas and officers, while Albert rigged the car with a powerfull bomb, in order to kill Bolano.


However when Johnny placed the car near Bolano's place, another police officer came and entered the car trigered the bomb. Bolano came and called to someone, but was sniped by Johnny.


Sometime after Bolano's death one of his fellow officers met one of Vega's boys in order to protect their main assest from Johnny and Betty, but finds out that Bolano is dead and went to find the body.

Mission appearances

Miami Vindication
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