Sex Drive
Name: Sex Drive
Game: Gangstar Rio: City of Saints
Mission Giver: Narco
Location: Narco's place, Favela Cândido
Target(s): Kill Fulo
escape from the place
Reward(s): 2500R$
Conditions of mission failure: Angel's death
Destroying Narco's car
Unlocks: Nothing,you have to level up your respect to unlock the next mission.

after you level up you unlock the mission Junk in the trunk for Larissa Santos

Unlocked by: Prosecutors will be violated

Sex Drive is a mission in Gangstar Rio: City of Saints and the first job mission. It is given by Narco to protagonist Angel.


In this mission Narco makes his first appearance. He wants Angel to kill a member of the Disciples called Fulo in a drive-by to avenge the death of a drug dealer from the Assassinos who was killed by this man. Narco and Angel drive to Fulo's hangout in Narco's car. After killing Fulo the Disciples chase the two of them but they manage to escape. Then, Angel drives Narco back to his house.


(Angel goes to the favela and meets Narco who is sitting at a desk inside his place.)

Narco (to Angel): What up, bródi? They call me Narco. I don't know why. The Disciples, man, they pulled a drive-by on our territory, killed one of our dealers. Time to retaliate.

Angel: I'm down for that. Where?

Narco: The shooter, Fulo, hangs out at this porn shop.

Angel: G-Loft?

Narco: That's the one. Fulo chills out there, and if he sees a girl buy a vibrator, then he figures she's lonely, and he asks her out.

Angel: Wait, does that work?

Narco: You could ask him yourself, I suppose, except that you have to kill him. Ordinarily, I'd suggest a Colombian Necktie or a Venezuelan Cummerbund, but for this, just a drive-by, nothing special.

(Angel and Narco, who brings two MP-guns with him, enter Narco's green P-474 and drive to Fulo's hangout.)

Narco (as he sees Fulo): There he is. Kill his ass.

(Angel shoots Fulo. Right after that, the other Disciples enter their cars to follow Angel and Narco.)

Narco: Shit! Here they come! Drive, man!

(Angel and Narco escape and Angel brings Narco back home.)

Narco: Great working with you. (gets out of the car.)


  • After you have completed this mission, you have to raise your Respect level to start the next mission.


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