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Name: Shotgun
Appearance(s): All Gangstar titles to date
Magazine size: Varies
Weapon type: Short-range firearm
Range: Short
Weapon damage: High
Based on: Varies

The shotgun is a weapon class featured in all Gangstar games to date. Shotguns are characterized by their short effective range, low rate of fire, and high damage output. Baring a few exceptions, shotguns are most effectively used in close-quarters shootouts.


There are literally several hundred different shotguns in the various Gangstar titles. Lower level shotguns are generally easy to come. As such, most players will have at least one or two of them in their arsenal by mid-game.

All Gangstar shotguns seem to fall in a couple of distinct sub-categories.

  • Pump Action
  • Break Action (sawed-off)
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Fully-Automatic


  • Despite the fact that they are illegal to posses in most (if not all) Gangstar cities, police officers will not attempt to apprehend characters who are openly carrying sawed-off shotguns.
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