The Slicer Sport Is A Mad Max-Themed Car Appeared In Gangstar Vegas.


The Slicer Sport Is A Mad Max-Themed Supercar. With Body Based On 2006-2011 Mitsubishi Eclipse.


  • The Slicer Sport Is A First Mad Max-Themed Vehicle To Appeared In Gangstar Vegas, The Other Two Are Sand Soldier & Post-Achoppalyptic Ride.
  • The Slicer Sport Is The Hidden Vehicles In Game, The Other Two Are Aqua Jetpack & Monster Bus. Coincidentally, They Are Obtained By Completing Side Missions In Many Districts.
  • The Slicer Sport & Z.U.V. Are The Vehicles With Wedge.
  • Like, Bearer, Blaze, Z.U.V., & Mi'kmaq, The Slicer Sport Has An Hybrid Engine Sound When Starting Up, Idling & Reaches The Top Speed.
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