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Name: Störer
Appearance(s): Gangstar Vegas
Vehicle type: Two-door convertible
Capacity: 2 people
The Störer is a convertible making its first And Only appearance in Gangstar Vegas.


The Störer is a convertible making its first appearance in Gangstar Vegas, replacing the Läufer from the previous games. This car is based on a Porsche 918 Spyder. Like the Läufer in Gangstar Rio: City of Saints, the Störer is one of the rarest cars and can only be found in richer areas in the city with its rooftop opened. It is faster than most cars in the game, with some exceptions.

At the end of the game, Karen Olsen drives a Silver/Grey Störer which she uses to pick up Jason Malone after the latter has killed Frank Veliano.



  • "Störer" is the German word for "Disturber", just like "Läufer" means "runner"
  • The fact that the car's name is German suggests that it comes from Germany and is manufactured by Schnellzahn, the same company that produces the Läufer and the Galloppino.
  • The Störer sells for $270,000 at lvl 1, $405,000 at lvl 2, and $607,500 at lvl 3, being the most expensive car found on the street. However, the price has been extremely reduced in a recent update.
  • The Störer in the latest update now sells for $45,000, which now makes the Kearsarge possible for making more profit at $52,000 at the Chop Shop.
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