St. Paddy's Wheels
Name: St. Paddy's Wheels
Appearance(s): Gangstar Vegas
Vehicle type: Vintage Saloon
Capacity: 2 people

The St. Paddy's Wheels is an Vintage Saloon only appeared in Gangstar Vegas.


The St. Paddy's Wheels is an Vintage Saloon car with themed celebrating the St. Paddy's Day with design based on a 1928 Cadillac V-8.


  • Available in garage for limited time. purchased 25,000 cash.


  • This is oldest car in Gangstar Vega's, The other are Dust Hog, Kiger SS, Bluejay, & Whiptail 426.
  • This is second 1920s car to appear in Gangstar Vegas, after Dust Hog.
  • It's shares the same engine sound as Kearsarge LS, Bluejay, Dust Hog, Whiptail 426 & Kiger SS.

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