Swamp Boogie
Name: Swamp Boogie
Game: Gangstar: Miami Vindication
Mission Giver: Roscoe
Location: Roscoe's swamp, Miami
Target(s): Rescue Hank
Finding Hank's pistol
Reward(s): $500
Conditions of mission failure: Death
Unlocks: Hearse Heist for Roscoe
Unlocked by: Chaw Come Back Now

Swamp Boogie is a mission in Gangstar: Miami Vindication, given by Roscoe to Johnny Gainesville.


Johnny finally meets Roscoe. Roscoe already knew that Johnny looking for his little brother, however, he has his own problems: one of his associates, Hank, went missing after playing with some alligators, so Roscoe asked Johnny to rescue him.

After killing several alligators, Johnny finds Hank, who telling to Johnny to find his pistol. Johnny kills three more alligators and finds Hank's pistol, which the latter took.


(Johnny arrives at Roscoe's house at the swamp where Roscoe is sitting in a rocking chair and Betty is standing next to him.)

Betty: Roscoe, this is the guy the Boss Man sent down from up north.

Roscoe: You the boy looking for his baby brother?

Johnny Gainesville: I am. Thought I'd bring you a little something. (Gives him the chaw.)

Roscoe: Why thank-ee, young man. How'd you know?

Johnny: What good ole boy doesn't like a fat cheek of chaw?

(Johnny and Roscoe walk next to each other at the swamp.)

Roscoe: So you need some help, boy. Well I'll help you, but you hafta help me too.

(Some alligators are walking in the water.)

Roscoe: See, my boy Hank's been playing with the gators and it's been a while now... Think you could go and have a look? And take this gun, just in case.

(Camera switches back to Johnny and Roscoe.)

Johnny: Don't worry; I'll shoot anything that ain't made of rubber.

Roscoe: That's good, Johnny boy. 'Cause between here and getting your brother back, there's going to be plenty of shooting.

(Johnny goes to the other side where Hank is coming towards him.)

Hank: Hey, you have to help me out here! One of 'em ate my pistol!

(Johnny kills the three gators. Hank retrieves his pistol from one of the corpses.)

Hank: Got my beauty back! (to Johnny) Thanks, captain!


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