The Syndicate Headquarters Is An Location In Gangstar Rio: City of Saints.


The Headquarters Is Actually An Cargo Logistics Warehouse With An Many Cargo Boxes & Shipping Containers In Outside Of The Warehouse.


The Headquarters Is Located In Gamboa In Next Of The Railway Tracks & Front Of The Brasoline Refinery.

Events Of Gangstar Rio: City of Saints

This Location Is Controlled By Gang Group, The Syndicate. Where Many Lots Of Syndicate Gang Member Are Surrounded There, If Entered The Base, They Become The Gang Members To Shoot Into Player, But Very Carefully When Entered The Base. This Base Since Purchased By Syndicate Leader, Veronica Davo.

Mission Appearences

This Headquarters Is Featured In A Mission, "Heroin Heroine", Where Takes Place To Raid This Headquarters And Arresting The Syndicate Gang Members.


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