The Taxi is a 4-door sedan that is featured in every Gangstar games, in Gangstar: West Coast Hustle it's based on a Chevrolet Caprice, and in Gangstar Rio: City of Saints and Gangstar New Orleans it's based on a Volkswagen Santana/Toyota Camry, in Gangstar Vegas it's based on a Mercedes CLS/E Class.

In GV, the performances similar to the Tawny and Peccary (which both share the same sounds) and oddly, it's based on the W5-GSTR despite being slower and less powerful than it's civilian and police counterparts.

In GNO, the performances seem to be slighty downgraded compared to the GV taxi.


Gangstar Miami Vindication

The taxi has a yellow and black paint job, and has the bar that says "taxi" on the roof. It is decorated with little black squares. It has the same shape as the Delivery.
The taxi has a reasonable speed for a starter vehicle, but it can easily get destroyed under a barrage of damage, considering it has 600 health. All in all, it's a good car for getaway missions if the player wants nice handling.

Gangstar Vegas

The taxi have a yellow and black paint job but instead it's based on the New York City Yellow Cabs, with a advert on the roof and a taxi sign in front of it, it's more detailled than the taxi featured in the previous games.


  • It's one of the vehicles that appear in most games.
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