Name: Teddy
Appearance(s): Gangstar: Miami Vindication
Urban Crime
Vehicle type: SWAT Truck

The Teddy is a SWAT Truck appearing in Gangstar: Miami Vindication and Urban Crime. It can only be found if you have A 5-Star wanted level.


The Teddy is the second most resisting car in the whole game, behind the police helicopter. It can take many shots without losing it's speed and therefore is very convenient for drive-by actions. In Urban Crime, it has a Health of 1,200, the same as the police helicopter.

To be able to jack it, you must have a wanted level of 5. You don't have to cause chaos around the city to get it because it will appear in some missions, including a car-jack mission for Amelia and the mission "On a Lion Hunt", where Clive Klick tries to escape in an indestructible Teddy. It can also be found if you survived until the SWAT vans and helicopters arrive.

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