Name: Tenderizer
Appearance(s): Gangstar Rio: City of Saints
Gangstar Vegas
Gangstar: New Orleans
Vehicle type: Monster Truck
Capacity: 2 people

The Tenderizer Is a Monster Truck Appeared In Gangstar Rio: City of Saints, Gangstar Vegas & Gangstar New Orleans.


The Tenderizer is an Monster Truck With Body Based on a Ford F-150.


  • The vehicle Does Not Seen in a Traffic But Instead, Purchased In a Shop.
  • It also As an VIP-unlockable Vehicle Which Requires Silver VIP.


  • This Is Strongest Vehicle In Gangstar Series, Following The Ankylosaur, Jackalope & Ballistae (Seen Crushing Police Cars In Scene Of An Gangstar Vegas's Second Mission "Busting Through").
  • The Tenderizer Is The Only Monster Truck Appeared In Gangstar Series.
  • This Is Only Vehicle In Gangstar Series With High Suspension.
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