Gangster rio disciples

A Disciples member during a shootout

The Disciples are a gang appearing in Gangster Rio: City of Saints. They are one of the three powerful gangs in Rop. The Disciples are led by Victor Matos.

The Disciples

The Disciples are a recurring gang in the game. They tend to reside near the beach and normally react in a hostile manner whenever Angel or the Police arrive at their territory. Their leader is Victor Matos, and one of the members is Orlan, who Angel has to pursue in a motorbike chase, then beat up to get information. The Disciples tend to wear blue T-Shirts, white trunks and a blue backpack. Some have different clothes. They Disciples had made a truce with the Syndicate, and it also seems that they deal drug with each other as well.

Disciples land

The Disciples' Territory


- The Disciples made a truce with the Syndicate, and they team up to attack the Boom Dance Club

- The Disciples seem to deal drugs with the Syndicate, as you can hijack a drug deal as a side mission

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