The Syndicate
Name: The Syndicate
Leader: Veronica Davo
Enemies: Assassinos
Members: Venancio
Jaime Davo

The Syndicate is a gang appearing in Gangstar Rio: City of Saints. It is probably the most powerful of the three major gangs in Rio. The gang is led by Veronica Davo.

In the game, the Syndicate is mentioned first when Andreas wants Raul to kill a gang member named Venancio. In the Mission "One last job", which is the last mission before Ana's death, Raul is told by Andreas that Veronica Davo has put out a contract on him and Ana, which tells us that Raul seemed to be feared by the Syndicate. In the same Mission, Raul has to beat up Davo's brother Jaime, who has been annoying Andreas for a long time. After being beaten by Raul, Jaime says, "I'm glad they're going to kill you, you piece of shit," which means that he could have already known about the plan to kill Raul. Despite this, it wasn't the Syndicate

When Angel finds out that Ana and Marcelo were behind the car bomb, he kills Marcelo. Following this, the Syndicate and the Disciples come together against the Assassinos since this is an opportunity to gain territory and wipe out competitors. However, the Assassinos, led by Angel and Fumo, successfully defend their territory, which results in Angel becoming leader of his gang.

After Angel has been elected leader of the Assassinos, Ana, who is in fact still alive, captures Larissa Santos, holds her hostage at the airport and threatens to kill her. Even though Veronica Davo had been against Ana in the past, she sends her men to defend the airport against Angel and Fumo because she's angry with Angel since he has recently killed Jaime and she wants revenge. At the end of the game, the gang has suffered severe losses and is weakened.

You can recognise a Syndicate man by his clothes. The members wear red shirts which are open at the left side. You can also bump into Syndicate members walking in the streets as civilians. Their main operation area is Gamboa, the northern district in Rio.

The Syndicate Members


This Syndicate memeber wears blue shorts,has a band in one hand and has a kerchief that starts in the neck and finishes in the hip. He sometimes has a machete with him. You can see them in the outskirts of the stadium, in the hospital, in the town part next to the stadium or in the headquarters of the Syndicate, which is the fabric area in the district of Gamboa.

Jaime Davo

This Syndicate member wears black pants and a blackbest with red stripes. He only spawns in the town and in the fabric, he appears in "One last job", he is beaten by Angel.

Unnamed member

This Syndicate member wears orange pants with white stripes, has a coffee blackbest and only appears

in the Syndicate town and in the Syndicate fabric.


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