Tim Boate
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Appearance(s): Gangstar 2: Kings of L.A. ("Kannibal II - The Jump", "The Spy Who Killed Me", "TSWKM - Running Bomb", "TSWKM - The Finale", "Monster Attack" (mentioned))
Tim Boate is a minor character featured in some of the  movie missions of Gangstar 2: Kings of L.A..


Tim Boate first appears in "Kannibal II: The Jump", the third movie mission in Gangstar 2: Kings of L.A., last appears in "TSWKM - The Finale" (the seventh), and is last mentioned in "Monster Attack" (the eighth). In "The Jump", it is revealed Pedro, the game's main protagonist and player character, is being used as a "body double" for Tim in director Randy "The Z / Randy Z / Z" Zeke's new film Kannibal II (presumably a sequel to a previous one of his).


Promoting of the Angels of Enlightment

Tim is considered quite annoying by Hip Johnson, his next employer after The Z (who seems to be friendlier to him), and possibly even by the latter, due to his constant promoting of the "Angels of Enlightment", which he first mentions in his first appearance, advising Pedro to pray to them, as sees "great trouble in [his] soul"; after this mention, The Z tells Tim they are going to talk about the Enlightment later. Then he mentions it again in his second appearance: after Pedro completes the mission's stunts, Tim asks him if he hurt himself while performing the stunts, and says "[t]hat's what happens when you don't have the Angels of Enlightment watching over you.", after which Hip Johnson loudly tells him to shut up about that. He again mentions the Enlightment in "TSWKM - Running Bomb", in which after Johnson asks him what he is doing staring at the west (away from Pedro, Johnson, and Alexis Parcell), Tim replies he is "asking the Angels of Enlightment to keep [him] alive during this scene" (in this scene's plot, his character Jamie's car has been rigged with a bomb which will explode if the car's speed decreases to less than 55 MPH); Johnson then yells at Tim saying "[Johnson] [has] got the best crew in the industry. The only danger of [Tim] dying is [Johnson] killing [Tim] [himself]. [Tim] won't even have to drive the car [Pedro will act as a stunt double for this scene]." 



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