Under the Bridge
Name: Under the Bridge
Game: Gangstar: Miami Vindication
Mission Giver: Roscoe
Location: Roscoe's place at the swamp
Target(s): Bringing the boat to the harbour bridge
Killing the goons
Destroying the boat
Reward(s): $1.000
Conditions of mission failure: Death
Destroying the boat before arriving at the bridge
Unlocks: Ride Johnny, Ride for Betty
Unlocked by: Big Boats and Badasses

Under the Bridge is a mission in Gangstar: Miami Vindication, given by Roscoe to Johnny Gainesville.


Roscoe wants Johnny to get rid of the boat stolen from the Vega Gang in the previous mission. He tells Johnny to bring the boat to the bridge that leads to the harbor where some of Roscoe's men will be waiting for him. Johnny drives the boat to the bridge and finds Roscoe's boys dead (Hank could possible be amongst them.). Three of Vegas men come towards him. Like in Chaw come back now, it is a drug lieutenant (probably Gonzalez) with two followers. They attack him. After Johnny has killed them, he phones Betty to ask her what to do with the boat now that the boys are dead. Betty tells him to destroy the boat, which Johnny does.


(Roscoe is sitting in his chair, as usual. Johnny is standing in front of him.)

Roscoe: Glad you're here, kid. Seems there was more in that boat than we thought. Found some drugs stashed inside.

Johnny Gainesville: Some added value, explains why they cared so much...

Roscoe: The problem is, the pigs are gonna care too. These days, they can even trace you by satellites from space. You gotta get rid of it before the law comes knockin' up. Been here ten good years without the filthy cops, and I don't want that to change.

Johnny: Roger that. So where should I dump the stuff?

Roscoe: I've got some guys waitin' for it, under the bridge that leads to the port.

(Johnny takes the boat and drives to the bridge. He gets out and finds Roscoe's three men dead.)

Johnny: What the...?!

(He turns around and sees another three Vega Gang members coming towards him. The Drug lieutentant leading the group is Vega's man Gonzalez.)

Johnny (by himself): So the gallinas finally come home to roost.

Gonzalez: Where's Ignacio?

Johnny: You're not Ignacio? I thought all you guys were named Ignacio.

Gonzalez: The casket, asshole.

Johnny: I give you yours, you give me mine.

Gonzalez (to his followers): Let's take the wind out out of this hotshot.

(Johnny kills the three men and phones Betty.)

Johnny: Hey Betty, your guys got ambushed. Now there's no one left to take the boat. What do I do?

Betty (on the phone): Glad to hear you're alive. Just destroy the boat and get out of there.

Johnny: Gotcha! (hangs up)

(Johnny destroys the boat.)


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