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  • I live in La La Land
  • I was born on May 8
  • My occupation is animator, gamer and fellow Wikian
  • I am
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Hello, I am
aka Bunny
I have been editing on Wikia since early 2011.
I help protect wikis from vandals, fanon and fix any grammar/spelling mistakes.
If you need any help editing, have any questions, or just want to say hi, feel free to leave me a message.
Wikis I'm on:
Wiki Position(s) Length active Status
Community Central None September 2, 2011-present Active
Rockstar Games Wiki Bureaucrat September 8, 2011-present Active
Gangstar Wiki Bureaucrat July 14, 2011-present Active
Agent Wiki Administrator September 6, 2011-December 21, 2011 Inactive (until game release)
L.A. Noire Wiki Administrator September 30, 2011-present Active
Grand theft auto myths Wiki None February 14, 2012 Semi-active
GTA Wiki Administrator (formerly) February 27, 2011-September 2, 2011 Inactive
Best Student Council Wiki None December 25, 2011-January 9, 2012 Inactive
Anime Wiki None May 28, 2012-present Semi-active

Bunny J.

"Yeah, well.... one time, I misspelled 'formerly,' 'formily.' I added it to a bunch of pages. See, I copied the word, added it in and didn't realize it was misspelled until later."
My best quotes from various Wikis so I can be just as entertaining and/or annoying even when I'm not online.
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