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  • I live in La La Land
  • I was born on May 8
  • My occupation is animator, gamer and fellow Wikian
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Hello, I am
aka Bunny
I have been editing on Wikia since early 2011.
I help protect wikis from vandals, fanon and fix any grammar/spelling mistakes.
If you need any help editing, have any questions, or just want to say hi, feel free to leave me a message.
Wikis I'm on:
Wiki Position(s) Length active Status
Community Central None September 2, 2011-present Active
Rockstar Games Wiki Bureaucrat September 8, 2011-present Active
Gangstar Wiki Bureaucrat July 14, 2011-present Active
Agent Wiki Administrator September 6, 2011-December 21, 2011 Inactive (until game release)
L.A. Noire Wiki Administrator September 30, 2011-present Active
Grand theft auto myths Wiki None February 14, 2012 Semi-active
GTA Wiki Administrator (formerly) February 27, 2011-September 2, 2011 Inactive
Best Student Council Wiki None December 25, 2011-January 9, 2012 Inactive
Anime Wiki None May 28, 2012-present Semi-active

Bunny J.

"Never said I was holding a grudge, just didn't like you too much after that. A grudge is something a 5-year-old holds over his mom because he has to go to bed and is out for revenge. The reason why is because of the way you said it. All you had to do was say, 'I voted no,' not insult my work and call my wikis crap. Ever since, I lost more and more respect because sometimes, you'd be really nice, then you'd be pissed off about something and take it out on these users like you did yesterday. I'm sorry you get pissed off but you need to learn to control it because don't think yesterday is just gonna be wiped from our minds. You pissed alot of people off (Including me) and people are gonna remember it. You made a bad move, learn to control what you say so this doesn't happen again"
―Bunnyjoke, talking to McJeff
My best quotes from various Wikis so I can be just as entertaining and/or annoying even when I'm not online.
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