Veliano Mafia
Name: Veliano Mafia
Leader: Frank Veliano
Enemies: Montello Mafia
Members: Frank Veliano
Benny (formerly)
Mick Valente
Veliano Mafia is a gang in Gangstar Vegas.


at some point Veliano mafia was founded by Frank Veliano,



Veliano mafia has henchman deployed across city, they can be seen around casinos or rich districts

Pistol Henchman - Clothes: T-shirt (Grey,White,Grey,Black) Jeans (blue or brown) and neckchain Gun: Handgun

Mini SMG henchman - Clothes: Jacket (green,grey,light brown) shirt, tie, suit pants (brown,blue) Gun: Mini SMG

SMG Henchamn - *Can be seen in missions only* Clothes: Jacket (Light brown,grey or black) suit pants (brown or dark blue) Gun: SMG

Riot Shotgun henchman - Clothes: T-Shirt with longer sleeves (Black or Grey) suit pants (black or grey) golden watches

High value target henchman - *Can be seen in Free Play only* Clothes: same as SMG Henchman Gun: Six Shooter


■ Veliano mafia henchmen fights against motorbiker gang in Free Play (In mission "Get to the greek" you fight against motorbikers with Benny,proving that Veliano Mafia is in war with motorbiker gangs. If Hechman will encounter motorbiker, he will attack him. Same fights can be seen with Los Huevos gang

■ Veliano Mafia seems to own a military helicopter (Can be seen in "Get the girl" mission)

■ Not counting high value targets, Veliano mafia's henchmen are the only enemy fraction to not ride vehicles if Free Play

■ If high value target henchman encountres motorbiker, he will stay neutral until motorbiker attacks him

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