Vera Montello
Name: Vera Montello
Aliases: Leatherface
The Empress
Appearance(s): Gangstar Vegas
Gender: Female
Status: Deceased (suicide)
Business: Montello Mafia
Fire & Vice Strip Club
Family: Johnny Montello (deceased husband)
Allies: Jason Malone
Karen Olsen
Pietro Holston
Enemies: Frank Veliano
Winston Goodman
"Look, don't take it personally, kid; I didn't know you, you weren't shit to me. But damn it if I haven't grown to like you. You woke me up from a sleep I didn't realize I was sleeping."
―Vera Montello to Jason Malone

Vera Montello (real name Vera Montenello) is a mob boss and a major character appearing in Gangstar Vegas.


Vera "Leatherface" Montello is one of the main protagonists of Gangstar Vegas and the head of the Montello Mafia Family. She runs a strip club named, Fire and Vice located in Fremont Street, Las Vegas. She has a tendency to go berserk, when she is drunk, commonly due to the wide collection of Whiskey, Tequila, and other drinks at the Fire and Vice bar.

What is known about Vera's background is that at some point, Vera Montello was a name that struck fear in Las Vegas; she was the uncompromising and ruthless wife of Vegas' Main Mobster, Johnny "Jack the Hammer" Montello, who later died because one of the Montello's then-henchman, Frank Veliano wasn't able to save him after he was severly injured. After this, Veliano left the mob and built up his own Mafia gang, which gravely enraged the widowed Vera and she repeatedly blamed Frank for being too drunk to drive Johnny to the hospital, on the day he died. This further led to Vera and Frank becoming mortal enemies and constantly fighting each other's gangs, eventually forcing Vera to keep a low profile. However, she refused to deny her true nature and remained the strong-willed lady, that she once was.

This resulted in both of them bribing competitors in an MMA fight, with Vera being responsible for bribing Pietro Holston to go down in the third Round and Frank bribing Jason Malone to go down in the fourth Round. When they fight each other, Pietro goes down in Round 3, leaving no opportunity for Jason to take a dive in the 4th. This misunderstanding puts a huge bounty on Jason's head and he is attacked and chased by the Veliano's for not being able to become a part of their powerful system.

Vera was also known to have been friends with Paul O'Riley, Jason's cousin, which led to Jason seeking Vera's advice and aid, when Frank pursues him in a car chase. The fact that Vera bribed Pietro stays unknown to Jason until Vera gets guilt-ridden and tells him shortly before her death.

Events of Gangstar Vegas

As already mentioned, Jason seeks Vera's advice, who sends her accountant Karen Olsen, for whom Jason later develops a love interest (which Vera first notices), to help him. They escape Frank's henchmen and eventually catch up with a drunken Vera, who has just beaten up two cops who tried to stop her from stealing a heavy-duty police van and insulted her husband Johnny. They drive to her strip club called "Fire & Vice" where Vera promises to help Jason against Veliano.

After some time, Frank, his right-hand man Benny and other henchmen invade the strip club. From the conversation between Frank and Vera during the shootout, the player can hear about the history connecting the two rivals. Shortly afterwards, Jason helps Karen and Vera escape, while he is captured by Veliano who forces him to work for him and has Benny trick Jason into kidnapping Karen.

Frank uses Karen to blackmail Vera into handing herself over to him, otherwise Karen would die. When Jason tells Vera about this, she agrees to hand herself over, but Jason tells her not to do anything. He comes up with a plan to rescue Karen. After they've found out that Frank is holding her at his casino, Jason, Vera and E-Man get to the casino and find Karen being held by Benny. They try to persuade him to let go of Karen, when Vera loses her patience and shoots a bullet into Benny's leg. Jason beats Benny in order to make him look like a hero who fought bravely before losing the prisoner.

The four people do back down and get into a mob vehicle with bulletproof windows. Vera takes the wheel as they try to escape from Frank's henchmen pursuing them in their cars. At some point, Vera is slightly hit by a bullet and she stops at a pier where a boat is docked. Vera thanks Jason for "opening her eyes" and seeing the reality. While the others exit the car and go to the boat, Vera stays inside. She drives away towards the four remaining mob vehicles that are blocking the road. After having gained enough speed, Vera slams the car into an oil reservoir standing next to the road, causing a huge explosion that kills all the henchmen in the mob vehicles alongside Montello herself. Jason, E-Man and Karen, who are waiting in the boat, only hear the sound of the fatal explosion before driving off.

After Vera's death, Karen tells Jason that Veliano has told her that he was the one who killed her father decades ago. After Jason has persuaded Karen to work together with him, they take back Montello's Fire & Vice, which had been taken by Veliano. They finally avenge Vera, Karen's father and everyone else who died because of Veliano when Jason finally kills him.


  • It is suggested that Vera originally planned to get on the boat as well, but the fact that she was hit during the chase made her change her mind and sacrifice herself instead.


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