Veronica Davo
Name: Veronica Davo
Appearance(s): Gangstar Rio: City of Saints (mentioned)
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
Business: The Syndicate
Family: Jaime Davo (brother)
Allies: Jaime Davo
Fake Venancio
The Syndicate
Enemies: Andreas
Victor Matos

Veronica Davo is a powerful gang leader from Gangstar Rio: City of Saints.


Davo is the head of the Syndicate. She's the only one of the three major gang leaders (the others being Andreas and Matos) who is female; but apparently she knows her business very well and is respected by her henchmen as well as hostile gang members. According to Angel, she runs the gang business "with an iron fist" and she made the Syndicate what it is today. She has a brother called Jaime, who is a member of her gang. She protects him by threatening to put a price out on someone's head if he lays hands on her brother. However, he is later killed by Angel

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints

Veronica Davo herself doesn't actually make an appearanace in the game. She's only mentioned a couple of times. She's first mentioned when Andreas tells Raul that she has put a price on his head, that's why he wants Raul to beat up Jaime since the Syndicate is already after him. Davo probably retreats this bounty since she thinks that Raul is dead after the car explosion.

Her men also ally themselves with Ana at the end of the game since Davo wants revenge on Angel for murdering her brother.

At the end of the game, she and her gang have suffered losses after a war between the three gangs at the BoomDance Club (which belongs to the Assassinos) and she's not the most powerful gang leader anymore since Angel has expanded the Assassinos and signed a truce with the Disciples.

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