Victor Matos
Victor Matos
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Aliases: King of the Disciples
Appearance(s): Gangstar Rio: City of Saints
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Business: the Disciples (leader)
Allies: Disciples
Enemies: Assassinos
The Syndicate
Veronica Davo
"I heard you the new player in town."
―Victor Matos to Angel

Victor Matos is a character and a gang leader appearing in Gangstar Rio: City of Saints.


Victor Matos is the leader of the Disciples, one of the three major gangs in Rio de Janeiro. When Angel first meets him, it seems like he was among the people who didn't like Raul before the car blew up ("Raul was kind of a pussy...").

Events of City of Saints

Angel's first encounter with the "King of the Disciples", as he is called, is during a mission where a Disciple called Paco has just told him that Victor might know something about the car bomb. Victor's informations include that it could have been The Syndicate (if not Veronica Davo herself) or the cops, which means that the Disciples can't be behind the explosion. After that, Victor isn't seen for a long while.

At some point, Angel is told that Victor has got some more information concerning the car bomb. So he drives to Victor's place. First, Victor doesn't want to tell him anything, but after Angel points a gun at him, he changes his mind and tells him that it is not clear if the corpse which is told to be Ana's has been identified correctly. Victor also offers Angel to take out Marcelo (whom Victor calls a "fool") so that the two of them could take out the Syndicate together and divide Rio in half between them. Angel says he'll think about it. Then he finds out that Victor had made the same offer to Marcelo, who took the bait and got rid of Andreas and Raul, which started the whole story in the first place. But after Andreas's death, Victor realized that Marcelo was a fool, so that he retreated his offer, which made Marcelo furious and which inspired him to start a gang war with the Disciples.

This is Victor's last appearance in the game. His information later turns out to be true, and Angel can take revenge after that. It is unknown if Angel in the end accepts Victor's offer to unite against the Syndicate, but it is very likely that he will accept it.


  • Even though Victor is the leader of a hostile gang, he doesn't act that hostile towards Angel and even helps him (not voluntarily at first)
  • Victor got all this information concerning the car bomb while he and his men were stealing meth at the morgue. They overheard a doctor who was busy on this case.


IMG 0176

Victor and Angel at the Disciple's headquarters

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