Victor Vega
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Aliases: Mr. Vega
Appearance(s): Gangstar: Miami Vindication
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
Business: Crimelord
Drug Baron
Drug Dealing
Allies: Vega Gang
Roberto Bolano
Clive Klick
Enemies: Johnny
Roscoe's Cartel
Herman Kaye
"Mi amigo! I have committed the perfect crime!"
―Victor Vega

Victor Vega was a character in Gangstar series that appears as tertiary antagonist in Gangstar: Miami Vindication. Vega is a latin-American crimelord and drug dealer in Miami and the leader of a powerfull Hispanic crime syndicate.

Johnny is told by Roscoe that Vega has Joey in his custody. He spies on Vega at the warehouse by the docks, where Vega is talking to Roberto Bolano. Johnny later finds out that Vega is not the one behind Joey's kidnapping. After Bolano's death, Johnny convinces the cops that Vega was the murderer, even though it was himself, so Vega is arrested.

Later in the game, Vega's men keep on antagonising Johnny, so, he decides to kill Vega. Vega is transferred to the court house in a police car and Johnny follows him. He destroys it while he was driving. The cops in the car die, but Vega jumps out of the vehicle at the very last moment and tries to escape on foot. Johnny chases Victor Vega and shoots him dead.

Mission appearances

Miami Vindication

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