Name: W4C
Appearance(s): Gangstar: Miami Vindication
Gangstar Rio: City of Saints
Urban Crime
Vehicle type: 4-door sedan

The W4C is a 4-door sedan found in Gangstar: Miami Vindication and Gangstar Rio: City of Saints.


The W4C is only available in Gangstar: Miami Vindication, Gangstar Rio: City Of Saints and Gangstar Vegas. It's the only modern sedan in the game. It seems to taken its design from many cars. Steering is average, as is its speed. The car comes in four other forms, being the Police Car and the modified W4C-H. It is available in three colours, being deep red, deep green and silver.

In Gangstar Rio: City of Saints, the W4C is one of the most frequent cars. it can only be found in dark blue and it's a mix between the current generations of Mercedes-Benz C and S. It is fast and durable. It can be bought in the menu shop . or a car shop for 22000 cash. It can hold 4 people and often carries businessmen.

In Gangstar Vegas, the name has been changed to W5-GSTR and is now the sedan in the game, and like most cars it has a series of colours for you to choose(Red, green, turquoise and black). The W5-GSTR is now rare since it's the best sedan found on the road.


  • The W4C is the only car in Gangstar: Miami Vindication to be available in more than two colours. During free roam, it can only be jacked in the HD version for iPad.
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