Name: W4C-H
Appearance(s): Gangstar: Miami Vindication
Urban Crime
Vehicle type: 2-door modified supercar
Unlocked by: Finding the 10 hidden wheels across Miami

The W4C-H is a modified sports car found exclusively in Gangstar: Miami Vindication and Urban Crime.


The W4C-H is a car that is unlocked after finding all 10 wheels scattered across Miami. It is the fastest car in the game, contrary to its appearance. It is never found driving around Miami, but is located at various parking spaces. Steering is very light and nimble, to the point where the car oversteers at a slight nudge. The car does not resemble any car in real life, but is based off the W4C sedan in the game, and features a spoiler and huge ventilation ducts at the side of the car. It is only available in a cherry red paintjob. The W4C-H has low durability to damage.



Upon finding all 10 wheels, this message appears

  • The car is named the W3C-H in the unlocking message, but is named the W4C-H when entered.
  • If the player gets on the roof, he will sink, making him look like his legs are seeping through the roof of the car.
  • It is one of two hidden vehicles, with the Sea-Ride.
  • This is first vehicle in Gangstar series to obtained after collecting hidden wheels, second being Ankylosaur (Assassinos variant) & third being Ultimate Tenderizer.


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